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IMG_9219It has been over six months since Jackie left this earth, and Bill suggested that we update Jackie’s site with this wonderful news from their first two boys, Jacob and Eli (ages 13 and 11). She would be so proud to know that they accomplished obtaining their black belts in Tang Soo Do on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  Jackie was a big part of getting them to training, but a bigger part in helping them become the warriors within that God created them to be.

If the choice is to view yourself as a victim and surrender to your assailant- whether it be a person or a circumstance- or to view yourself as an overcomer and recognize that a warrior never surrenders – except to Christ alone – then these boys have clearly chosen the better.

This video created by Brigette McMichael (Jackie’s sister) is an assembly of recordings of the boys’ tests, as well as messages from friends and family of the Lewis family, and is in honor of and in congratulations to Jacob and Eli.

Congratulations on your Black Belts, Jake and Eli!!