Jackie’s Testimony

At a recent Life Leadership convention’s Sunday morning service, Bill and Jackie Lewis shared their testimony. Jackie would be the first to tell you that she was not perfect, but she trusted a Savior is IS.  From an unwed teenage mother who enjoyed the bar scene, to a happily married mother of four who strived for excellence in every area, Jackie lived a testimony of Christ’s change in her life and it will change your own. Please watch:


47 thoughts on “Jackie’s Testimony”

  1. Thank you for sharing this.. It was hard to watch, love her humility, disposition and Gods love really comes through in Jackies heart. Every young woman needs to hear it. I too watched Schindlers lists, what a testimony of service & sacrifice knowing or not knowing, he has made a difference. Like you Jackie, that’s a tearful & bold testimony, and you will never know how much & many lives you & Bill have touched and as Jesus daughter, we love you Jackie & will miss your beautiful &young vivacious attitude. God bless Bill Lewis & family.Los Angeles, Ca. Will always remember you.

    • Dawn Stanley said:

      this just might of saved my life oh how I needed to hear this threw tears I am greatful for this post I want to know God better I want to be better what a testimony

  2. Kevin Dick said:

    Oh. Jackie! We will miss you so.

  3. Stephen Moran said:

    Thank you Jackie for this GREAT message.

  4. Beth Makor said:

    Still shocking but she’s with God

  5. Praise Jesus my spirit groans, I tear up for Bill and the Children, mercy.

  6. That was very good and so spoken from her heart. I will forever carry her message in my heart, which will keep her alive even though she is in GODS hands.

  7. We too were there hearing Jackie’s testimony 🙂 She spoke from the heart ~always & God shown through her ~ always!!

  8. WOW – what a fantastic testimony, from a beautiful women of Christ. RIP Jackie, be with your Lord.

  9. I know she heard . . . Well Done My Faithful Servant.

  10. Chris and Melissa Daley said:

    Wow, Amazing testimony!

  11. Wow, That was awesome. I met Jackie shortly after she graduated from High School. Over the years I have seen how much she has grown. She is an Amazing young Lady, With so much Passion, Love and Wisdom that she shared with all she came in contact with. She did so much for so many here on earth, I’m sure she will share it with all in Heaven. We’ve all been blessed to be a part of her life… now Heaven is blessed with her presence. R.I.P Jackie, until we meet again.

  12. That’s our Jackie Lewis– she couldn’t have said it better. She was such a great leading lady and we are all honored to have been in this community with her. She always talked from her heart and led as a great example. Our prayers are with Bill and the little ones. I know she was a great mom and wife because it shined through in all of her talks the Love for her family. We will miss you very very much…

    • Jackie your heart for people would continue to inspire us. Your testimony was so real it brought tears to my eyes. I remember like it was yesterday as you ran around in the Atlantis, Paradise Island lobby while you played with our son. And the way you cuddled him while holding him. As we talked you were so attentive.That I will always cherish. Your beautiful smile will be missed. We will continue to keep Bill and the kids in our prayers. Sean & Val
      Bahama Team

  13. christie Marquez OntarioCanada said:

    After watching this my heart is more at ease just knowing how calm and comfortable Jackie was with going home to her Lord. All my thoughts and prayers go out to her family, especially her children. Thank you Jackie for your courage and wisdom.

  14. Kathryn kunkel said:

    Such a beautiful testimony by Jackie! ❤
    Was hard to watch without shedding a tear.
    You will sure be missed down here, but we all know that you are rejoicing with Lord now in heaven. Thank you for all your inspiration, and we know you will be right here with us as we go to a million! 🙂 Rest in peace Jackie.

  15. I have seen this before. Jackie and Bill are my favourite LIFE speakers and anyone that knows me, knows that I have felt this way for a long time. I was able to relate to them through my upbringing and the poor choices I made in my early years.
    I haven’t been able to watch or listen to either of the Lewis’ yet……Jackie was such a wonderful role model and I pray that Bill and children find peace in being part of the legacy that she left behind. RIP Jackie…….I will miss you very much!

  16. Listening to Jackie’s testimony blessed my heart. She is an example of a life changed by the power of God and washed by the blood of Jesus. Qouting her words; “I can’t wait to die to see my Savior”, this is now fulfilled as she is now rejoicing at the feet of Jesus who loves her and gave Himself for her. What an inspiration! She left a legacy of a life lived for the cause of Christ.

    Praying for Bill and the children that the Holy Spirit will surround you and comfort you in this time of grief. This is just for a short time. One day soon you will be reunited in the sweet by and by.

  17. She was very courageous. It’s hard to talk about our sins. But she knew it was for the edification of future young ladies, that believe that’s no pardon for their sins. Only remember that the Son of God died for the redemption of our sins past, present and why not future also. Praise the Lord, she’s in Heaven now

  18. Paul and Julia grove said:

    The testimony that Jackie gave was truely one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever heard she will be missed deeply but she is at home with her heavenly father.we are sorry for your lose and we hope that bill and the kids will find peace in knowing that she will be forever watching down on them from above until one day you will all reunite again in heaven. God bless jackies mom and dad for raising such an amazing leader and role model for all of us to follow and our hearts are filled with sorrows for you all

  19. lindseypadlo said:

    Oh Jackie, You’re amazing! You have this way of sharing that always brings tears to my eyes. Listening to you speak is refreshing and uplifting. It’s like music for the soul. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You will always remain in our hearts. I wish I had the opportunity to meet you on Earth, but I will meet you in Heaven. I love you.


  20. Anna Garcia said:

    A beautiful testimony from a one of a kind woman! She connected and made everyone feel at home in her presence. God Bless her family during this difficult time.

  21. “…then there’s Eternity. And Eternity is what really matters And I tell you, that’s going to be fun. That party, when I get up to Heaven and He says, ‘Well done, thy faithful servant.'” I know I speak for thousands, when I say, ‘Well done, thy faithful servant.’ We all love and miss you so much Jackie. You helped so many people in your short time here on Earth. Shine your bright light up there in Heaven. We know you will be watching over us all. Especially your most precious loved ones. Rest in Peace, beautiful angel.

  22. Ellen Swensen said:

    A woman prepared! What a beautiful spirit. Love her courage.

  23. Sabrina Coleman said:

    Very powerful testimony. I admired her openness and humility. What a great leader and woman of God she was.

  24. Jackie was passionate sharing her testimony which will live on . I believe this clip can be an amazing witnessing tool . As Jackie describes her joy one day for heaven & now there is so surreal ! We will all have our day to hear well done . I’m comforted to believe she sure did hear Jesus say well done !

  25. teesarossman said:

    I remember this day and tearing up. It takes courage to tell our stories, I’m sure hers changed many people’s lives that day.

  26. Joyce & Quemiline said:

    It’s so good to know that our dear leader is in the bosom of our Lord and savior. Jackie Lewis left a mighty huge LEGACY that will live on forever. I’m grateful to have gotten the truth from her thru CD, and on stage. Her stories have led me to live intentionally for excellence and there is no turning back. I believe that our God in heaven will bestow peace and comfort upon Bill Lewis and their beautiful kids. R.I.P. Jackie Lewis

    Joyce Bull

  27. I love Jackie’s testimony!! Thank you for sharing this, it’s powerful. I love that God will continue using her and her testimony to save many more lives as she watches down from Heaven.

  28. alexcwacker said:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this. I truly believe that when she was passing that she was at peace, and that she would be finally hearing “Good job, my good and faithful servant.” Rest in peace Jackie. God bless Bill and children.

  29. What a sweet, raw, authentic spirit shining through a beautiful lady. I listed many times. I Googled the reading, Fellowship of the Unashamed. I posted to my facebook page and printed it off. Why have I never heard this? I called my hubby to come up and listen. There is just something about the way Jackie said those words. We will be making the trip to Michigan.
    Our hearts and prayers are with you all.

  30. Jackie your testimony reminds all of us that we never know when our time will come and so we always need to be prepared. Your faith helps those who knew and loved you to be prepared each and every day! Those of us with faith know that Christ will be there with open arms to welcome us into His Kingdom just as he did to you. He will also be there to help Bill and your children to understand why God called you now. May God be with all of you as you struggle to understand his plans for your lives.

  31. Watching this was touching and inspiring. She knew what was truly important!

  32. Cheryl Foster said:

    Jackie Lewis is absolutely stunning and profound. She reminds me of the remarkable Queen in the Bible, Esther, whose life was changed by God’s providential will. She was highly favored with God and men. I am going to miss you and will live on the memories of the tour through your mansion, watching football and eating together. You and Bill are the greatest and we are honored to be placed under you as team member, Band of Brother’s Fighting Knights. You are resting in peace and your message is helping live. Thank You.

  33. Christy Crays said:

    Christ and God moved Jackies soul to give this talk… So evident that everything you do, everything you say at any given moment is for a purpose and when you follow Christ and carry him with you everday, he moves you in the direction in which he wishes you to go to. Rest in peace Jackie. Watch over your babies from above and touch those that need assurance that all is well.

    • dalis ortiz said:

      What an amazing woman of God. She will be missed by so many specially her loved ones. She ran her race well and is now living in eternity with Our Lord and Savior Jesus. I am sure she got to hear Him say to her well done my good and faithful servant welcome in .To God be the Glory . We will one day meet IN Heaven that is every faith believing Christians Goal.

  34. Patrick Buick said:

    I saw them speak a few years back. The world will be more empty without her presence here, but I feel that somehow she will continue to work from beyond.

  35. Ruth & Dwayne Boes..Muskegon, MI said:

    We have listened to many of Jackie’s talks and have been inspired by all of them. Listening to her testimony was difficult and I shed many tears. She is rejoicing with her Lord and Saviour as she is looking down in love on Bill and her precious children. Her legacy lives on!! You are in our prayers (the whole Lewis family)…please know that Jackie will always be in our hearts. God bless you and your family Bill.

  36. Ruth & Dwayne Boes..Muskegon, MI said:

    I listened to Jackie’s testimony thru my tears. We’ve listened to many of Jackie’s talks and have loved them all. You could always see the true passion she had whenever she talked. I know she is rejoicing in heaven with her Lord and Savior; and looking down on Bill and her “precious” children. God bless you and your family…may you feel God’s arms around you…holding you in his arms, giving you a peace like you’ve never felt before.

    • Pam Eppinette said:

      What a testimony and what a legacy! I pray that many souls will be ushered into Heaven thru this testimony and thru Jackie’s Celebration of Life on Wed. I am so glad it will be online! May her legacy continue to lead many people to the truth!

  37. Chris Kohls said:

    This is the best tool to share with the several young unwed mothers in my immediate community. Without any doubt, this will give them hope, instruction for their duties here on earth, and hopefully bring a new life with a heavenly focus. Thank you for this powerful tool allowing each if us to become better messengers to the young women who need this inspiration! Jackie, your LEGACY is unmatched and will continue to affect generations to come. You were truly a Servant, follower in Christ, and leader of people.

  38. Bob&Judy Lafollette said:

    Jesus calls us to be His witness, this testimony from this angel Jackie is one of the most heart felt testimonies I have ever heard. I know this testimony is going to change lives for many years to come. Christ’s Love was with this angel, and now she is with Jesus. You will never be forgotten. Our Prayers are with you Bill and the children. May you find comfort in the Holy Spirit.

  39. Terri swartout said:

    Jackie you have touched my life in so many ways an I will always remember you and your warm smile an friendly personality. You always encouraged me an many others to keep going an with a determination that you can do anything you put your mind too. Bill you an the whole family are in our prayers and our heart goes out to you! May The Lord give you all comfort thru this time, God bless

  40. Suzanne Cherniawski said:

    What a beautiful testimony of the mercy of God to change hearts . We ask for God’s continued merciful presence for Jackie’s folks, her husband Bill, her parents, Chuck and Char and all her siblings and families.
    We truly have an awesome God, and pray for eternal rest for Jackie, in His loving arms. May all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in PEACE.

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